5 Tasty Experiences on Chicago’s South Side

Fire Jerk located on 750 W. Garfield Blvd. This Jamaican eatery has a number of sides and salads to pair with their delectable entrees. The customer service is wonderful. There is no indoor dinning but stopping in to pick up a order is pretty convenient as there is available parking lot for the storefronts in the area. My personal favorite is the jerk all white chicken with sweet potatoes and cabbage.
Hours: Monday – Thursday 11am – 10pm except for weekends
Number: (773) 624-2009

fire jerk
Fire Jerk

R U Hungry located on 1724 W. 51 St. It’s a small location on the corner of 51st. It has carryout dinning and offers a variety of meals that includes but is not limited to fried chicken, gyros, cheeseburgers and their infamous red koolaid. When I first heard the name of the restaurant I was a bit confused and replied, of course I’m hungry… Now what are we going eat? But the restaurant lives up to it’s title by making people hungry every time they think about it!
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am – 7:30pm, closed Sunday
Phone: (773) 434-4800

r u hungry
R U Hungry?

Garifuna Flava located on 2518 W. 63rd St. is a Chicago staple that specializes in Belizian food. It has indoor seating and a bar. The menu is diverse food from stews, conch fritters, jerk wings, jerk tacos panades to garnaches and so much more. This restaurant lives up to it’s name by creating flavorful and hardy platters. The lunch special is affordable and decadent.
Hours: Tuesday  – Thursday 12pm – 8pm, open  later on weekend, closed on Mon
Phone: (773) 776-7440

garifuna flava
Garifuna Flava

Goree Restaurant  located on 1126 E. 47th St. I can’t say enough good things about this establishment. It specializes in serving West African Cuisine. The Goree is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The ambiance is set by the friendly waiters and savory food. The oxtails, plantains, fataya, nem, yassa chicken, yassa: fish, lamb, shrimp or salmon and many others.
Hours: 11am – 11:00pm Thursday – Sunday, except Tues & Wed closes at 10:30pm
Phone: (773) 855-8120

goree cuisine
Goree Restaurant

Ray’s Island located on 3146 W. 63rd St. This restaurant has an easy going vibe from the Bob Marley poster plastered on the wall to the smooth oldies that play regularly. This hole in the wall Jamaican eatery serves filling jerk chicken dishes at a reasonable price. All the dishes on their lunch special are under $10.00! They have jerk tacos, jerk hamburgers, curry chicken, curry goat, oxtail… etc.
Hours: 11am – 9pm  Monday – Saturday, closed Sunday
Phone: (773) 434-1010

Ray’s Island



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