No New Years Resolution For Me

The holidays are a festive occasion with parties galore and grand toasts. People commemorate a year well lived and make resolutions that can improve their lives if followed… The promise of a clean slat appeals to many – myself included. But come February the New Years resolution has all but died for many hopefuls.

Last year, Statistica created a poll based off of a survey of Americans resolution goals with the top two were saving money and losing/getting in shape. Most of the goals are attainable and based on self improvement but many of them will never reach completion.

statistic_id378105_new-years-resolution-of-americans-for-2018According to the survey the top goals two were saving money with 53% and losing/getting in shape with 45%. Most of the goals are based on self improvement and attainable but many of them will never reach completion.

Don’t feel obligated to make pacts that few keep instead just focus on following through with your commitments. According to US News 80% of resolution participants give up by the first week of February.

There is no use in making plans to change without resolve. For some that might mean moving scheduling conflicts, creating ways to attractively save money, reaching out to friends and family etc. But the most important thing is to set aside time for your goals.

Why make a New Years Resolution? If there is something that you want to do then do it! No one can stop you but you. Also, consider joining a like minded group of people so you can work together to overcome your challenges and meet new goals….

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