Nicki Appreciates Good Form

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Volume 1, Issue 2

Hi Everybody,

Recently, singer, rapper, entrepreneur and the formidable Queen known as Nicki Minaj, 35, has been dropping fire! Her latest single from her album Queen is the ass-tacular Good Form. This track features a verse by Young Money veteran and President, Lil Wayne, 36.

So Let’s run down some of the specifics without getting caught in the weeds. This song is a celebration of female sensuality. So there’s ass clapping, half naked ladies in compromising dance moves that inspired me to twerk a lil something, something in my living room at 1 am… Moving on.

In the beginning of the video, Nicki is shown in black lingerie walking through a blue column-like entrance. Afterwards, we see a few scenes with the beautiful actress Lauren London aka New New and Elyven Lazada. Nick has quite a few scenes in what appears to be a cup of milk be hide it is a giant cookie with pink frosting and colorful sprinkles.

nicki wayneI enjoyed Nicki talking reckless in her second verse, See a bitch get more press than a key pad, before you suck me off, get a knee pad. bLil Wayne did an excellent job on this track. He started off the verse with Barbie, I think you gnarly, I think you fly, these other bitches just larvae. 

Nicki delivered in this video. It already has 21 million views after being released only 4 days ago. Her cotton candy inspired tresses was my favorite wig and the red lingerie looked spectacular. I was thoroughly surprised by Nicki’s willingness to try new and risky concepts for her video. The theatrics were awesome and the camera angles were bananas… At some point, she is seen sitting on the Clermont Twins (from the Bad Girls Club). I tell no lies. Check it out below:


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    I appreciate your opinion. It’s good to know that you feel comfortable enough to express yourself. Moving forward, I will attempt to take some of your opinions into consideration. Also the page is black20somethin though I run blackanimegeek as well.
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