Pusha T Vs. Drake: Who Do you Believe? Should Rap Battles have rules?

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Hi Everybody,

Pusha T. Vs. Drake Who do you believe? Do you even care? Rap Rules huh? Should Drake respond? All these questions answered and more…


The singer, rapper, actor known as Drake, 32, has reportedly gotten into a battle of words aka rap battle with Pusha T, 41. An equally formidable veteran in the rap game, former Clipse member and the President of Kanye’s GOOD Music label.

I did some research and Pusha T’s issue with Drake and Young Money dates all the way back to the early 2000’s. In an interview with Vlad TV No Malice (Pusha’s brother and Clipse group member) addressed the Lil Wayne beef with Clipse which started when Lil Wayne was offended by the song Mr. Me Too. No Malice clarified that the track was not about Lil Wayne.

lil wayne
Lil Wayne

He was confused by the beef because he believed they went on good terms because they filmed the What Happen to that Boy video. Some people were saying that Lil Wayne dressed like the Clipse – because he started wearing A Bathing Ape clothing line. In 2012, the beef was reignited between Pusha T (now a solo artist) and Wayne after he released Exodus 23:1. The fans believed Pusha was sending shots to Drake and Wayne. In response, Wayne released Ghoulish, lyrical jabs were sent by Drake on the Tuscan Leather (intro)  of his 2013 album Nothing Was The Same. He referred to Pusha as a bench warmer as opposed to a started.

Pusha T

In May of this year, Pusha released Infrared (off his 3rd album Daytona) and took shots at Drake for ghostwriting. In response, he released the diss called Duppy Freestyle. Drake addressed the accusations but spent most of the record talking about Kanye though. The shocker came when Pusha responded with a diss track that exposed Drake for being an absentee father. It is called The Story of Adidon.  He rapped over Jay Z’s beat for The Story of O.J and he used a picture of Drake in black face – it was a discomforting sight.

I believe both Pusha and Drake’s stories. To me both sound believable. I can understand why Drake thought that his personal information was spilled by Kanye West to Pusha T. But Pusha T. went to the Joe Budden Podcast for an interview and he held nothing back. Roy, Mal and Joe Budden questioned him for over three hours. Sidenote that interview was excellent. So at this point, I believe Drake assumed Kanye told his business because he shared to much of it but that doesn’t mean it came from Ye.

40 producer

Pusha didn’t understand why Ye apologized because he didn’t tell Pusha the information or encourage him to diss Drake. He claimed that 40, Drake’s producer, was pillowing talking to a woman about Drizzy’s business. Pusha T ended up receiving the information. If 40 was confiding in a lover who gave the information to the wrong person then Drake knows and it will be his truth to bare. The truth of the matter is I just want Drake to respond to Pusha as opposed too doing interviews about the situation and coming at Kanye! Pusha responded to Drake’s diss and annihilated him. Why not respond? You said you studied rap battles… It’s your turn – carry on the tradition or denounce your claim to being an MC.

Let me clarify… I enjoy Drake’s music but I’m a fan of hip hop and a proper response is a diss track. During Drake’s interview with Lebron he spoke about rules and how he felt Pusha went to far in The Story of Adidon. He said what offended him the most was when he talked about his friend 40 being sick.

I understand why Drake doesn’t want to address Pusha T in a diss… There is no telling how much information Pusha T has on Drake. I think Drake was unable to find information on Pusha that he could use. Some people live clean cut lives and don’t let many people in. Pusha seems like one of those people and if this is the case there’s not really much that can be said.

If Drake responds then he should respond with a club banger because he can’t go bar for bar with Pusha right now! On the flip side, a club banger could cause backlash if it’s not the right song or if the timing is poor. Lately, we have been seeing a raise in rap battles – I would say. Rap battle are good for hip hop and the culture when people are able to put things in perspective. Drake felt that their needs to be rule to a rap battle but I personally don’t agree. Many fans of rap do not agree and since he brought up Pusha T’s Wife in his Duppy Freestyle I felt figured he knew that.

Nevertheless, I wonder why Drake resurrected this beef with the Lebron interview. This situation has been going on since summer. I understand why Drake is big mad but he should respond or let it go.

If Drake has a diss track against Pusha that could do damage he would of released it by now. Nevertheless, I wish the best to both men it’s rare that people can beat the odds and become successful at music.



This was meant to be a brief summary so I couldn’t get in the weeds with it. Who do you believe? What should Drake do moving forward? Please share comments below.




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