End of US

End of US

It’s beating like there’s no juice left in it
Bleeding like it’s going out of style
A broken heart that’s journeyed for miles

Tore as though it has been cut by a razor’s edge
He put pressure on it
But still it bled

Punched till the world can see
It’s black and blue damage
The arrhythmia is hard to manage

Take a break from it
Get away from it
The pulsating reminder of a love long gone
be hide your ribs
What he gave is now once again his
He ran but couldn’t get away from it

Take your slab and be done with it
Be free of these cages
Lost in love’s mazes.
Showing inconsistency and caring in phases
I loved you once
But this is the end of us

By: Esha

Photo by: Tire Zoo


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