stay-with-me-13368643I’m listening to the DeBarge’s Stay with Me and I feel inspired. Tonight is a night of spiritual freedom, a night where you relax and allow that feel good 80s music to take you away on a magical ride -JUST VIBE out tonight. I love it when Bobby hit them high notes -my goodness that man can SANG. i FEEL lovely right now. It must be the lively energy of Springtime in Chicago bringing life to my soul tonight.

Pour a glass of wine and enjoy some poetry below the video:


Stay With Me

The sky is the limit

To a mind will no ceiling.

I feel myself

going beyond myself

only to find myself again.


I mean does that make sense?

A girl at risk of poverty

born to win. I should fly now.

No more denying my right

to live in the sky now.


Even those without wings

get high now.

So why not me?


No more would, coulda, shouldas

Or maybes.

Get away with me.


Leave for a better day with me.

Sadness fades away will me.

Gone in a haze with me.

I’m watching Blazing Saddles

Come lay with me and STAY WITH ME.


By: AJ Unique


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