Sleep Drenched Tears

tHE HOT COALS BENEATH me have lit my soul a flame

My feet SWELL like loaves of bread rising in the oven

I hope DON’T NOBODY start nothing

The veil has FALLEN and my condition is bruised

When I CRIED WHERE were you?

Part of me died and hope fell through

The cracks like a river over stones


Anger you are no stranger

You cling to me like a newborn babe latched on to their mother’s breast

LORD will I ever experience Happiness?

I am waiting for the pain to subside

But after all these years, I feel I must look for comfort INSIDE

I MUST SEEK shelter in the eye of the storm

Black HURRIcane I see you have come for me once again

yOUR force shakes me down like a school yard bully

I feel as though I can’t win

hOW dO YOU fight an ENEMY you can’t see?

Blue skies give rise to KINDER days

But lately my dreams have turned gray

emotionless nights full of sleep drenched tears

Battle SCARS THAt are hidden have come to light this year

I want to reclaim WHAT was once mine


By: AJ Unique





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