All I asked was if you still loved me too?

I thought my suppressed screams went unheard as my heart broke. But it turns out that I wore them on my clothes like badges of honor for a life lived. They spread to the new flames that ignited and smothered them all like rain to a camp fire. I rained on new love after new love. But I enjoyed the rain but sorrow came as she came…

And the world was a mist again.

New dreams

Like old dreams went blowing in the wind.

I am a slave to the old thing.

And afraid of the new.

PTSD scorching new boos

Turning new things into uninteresting news.

Nothing feels like it used to.

I don’t get the thrills like I use to…

Love don’t pay the bills like it used to.

I am ill, skirt unraveling in the wind.

Cup on the edge about to break feeling.

The flesh is weak but the spirit is willing.

But even still, how could you say that about me?

You knew my true lies and rubbed facts in my face.

Knowing that’s not why you suspect.

Where were you?

All those years and not even a Hello…

Hell, you were so distance I thought you forgot about our time.

Memories covered by the tides, I remember when we used to forego rides.

You’d meet me in the park at noon before the afternoon grew dark.

Damn, I long for those childish dreams.

The newness of Summer but the chill had not left by Spring.

The feeling of being open to anything.

I miss you like a broken paper miss tape.

I wish you knew me well enough to know I care.

Wait I remember where you were?

Out chasing wolfs that disguised themselves as sheep and shepherds

But I never judged you, I even loved you

As broken bottles now glass, cut the bottom of my bruised feet…

Still I never judged you.

I never asked if those other chicks made you feel complete.

Because I never wanted too.

All I asked was if you still loved me too?


These old relics I never shown a soul.

A hand cold to the touch but still able to hold.

And a love still as pure, as when I was 14 years old.


By: AJ Unique


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