Warning: For Those Who Grieve

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com There are no wordsTo fill the voidIt is an endless seaOf missed communicationAnd broken opportunities How do I move forward?How do I forget?How do I cry?Now that you're gone Your things fill the room, storages and my mindVestinages of the lifeYou left behindFor the first timeYour not here to … Continue reading Warning: For Those Who Grieve

Blue Screens

Photo by Jan Prokes on Pexels.com Digital excitement Turned into relationship slumber Don't sleep on me Even when the electric stops following Love, God and work ethic is all you need But 2K beckoned louder Pay attention like it's a 9-5 Though the things that give you pleasure Won't keep you alive But never came … Continue reading Blue Screens


Photo by Tom Verdoot on Pexels.com I use to go down memory lane Just to see you... The silhouette of your face In front of the TV screen Was all I could envision   The words I dared to say But REFUSED to mention Would come out but fail To grab your attention   Your … Continue reading Revisit


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Mission i should of listened paid better attention used my intuition every time you were out on a mission   now i'm over here feening whenever i hear a text alert, i'm reading just looking for a reason not to pull off this weekend   but my resolve to problem … Continue reading Mission