Warning: For Those Who Grieve

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

There are no words
To fill the void
It is an endless sea
Of missed communication
And broken opportunities

How do I move forward?
How do I forget?
How do I cry?
Now that you’re gone

Your things fill the room, storages and my mind
Vestinages of the life
You left behind
For the first time
Your not here to wipe my tears

They fill the rims of my dry eyes
Bubbling to the surface
Like a pop can that was shaken
And opened to soon

Where is your shoulder to cry on?
Where can one go to find your love?
The contour of your face
Was the comfort that tired consciences rested on

There are tangled grey wires
At the base of my swollen red heart
Unable to hold the contents
Of a soul tore apart

It pumps the same
But it aches different
It pleads for a love far gone
Begging for attention in a world
That pays no mind

How do I move forward?
How do I forget?
How do I cry?
Now that you’re gone

The mouth says, I’m well
Fingertips text, I’m fine
But deep down a stomach twisted in knots
Burns with a throbbing
That only the grieving know

When death darkens a humble doorstep
An unraveling spirit will gladly go home
Let the white picket fence fade into the background
Clouds hover in weightless air

They appear and disappear
As the light of a glistening dawn opens
For those chained in the shackles of mourning
Morning after morning freed from the torment
Of a breaking heart that stays broke

Love always, Esha ❤

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