Hard To Break

Photo by Lopsan on Pexels.com Thousands of miles separate distant hearts A space that missed and longed for you Is within arm's reach but still so far away Arguments, tense conversations, childhood trauma and broken dreams Left us hurt but speechless How can a soul piece together pressure and stress that it can't comprehend? Years … Continue reading Hard To Break

Spoken Word: Swift Love

  I want you to hear me. But most importantly I want to be heard: Spoken Word Swift Love Audio by Esha Montgomery   Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Swift love Shorty got a scrapbook  In his bedroom  With pictures of me in it And what we use to be in it    Letters once sealed  … Continue reading Spoken Word: Swift Love

You Are the Heartbeat

I hope everyone is doing well. I had my family on my mind today. So I wrote this poem about my Sister aka my best friend. Sometimes I miss home and poetry always takes me back there...     You Are the Heartbeat  creation was organic  love fell into specified slots like the stars alignment   … Continue reading You Are the Heartbeat

Spoken Word: Battle

    sometimes, i look like a good Samaritan but i’m just a sister on a move see i came out the womb too quick! and lost sight of my dreams too soon   i always been the type to cut on Luther Vandross type tunes afterwards, i’m on an expedition like i was cast … Continue reading Spoken Word: Battle

Spoken Word: I’m Free Too

they call me divine mystic skin mahogany kissed by red wine i studied hard so i enrolled in school take out loans like they do share the same bathroom, dorm floor, bedroom so they make me think... i'm free too   who am i? some may ask, grit their crooked teeth and give sly looks … Continue reading Spoken Word: I’m Free Too