Lights Go Out

Photo by Pixabay on Do you ponder about me? When the lights go out It's cold in your house And you turn your space heater on Sitting still in a spacious room With silent photos that refuse to speak Remember when my mere presence Made your eager knees grow weak? We are the closest … Continue reading Lights Go Out


Your Shell

Photo by Su0130NAN u00d6NDER on Do you like your shell? I know that it's full of unused space Does the opaque color make you feel at ease? Unable to recognize your ever evolving face But I know your cold Tried of swapping shells Because your in need of a cozy home You glide and … Continue reading Your Shell

Just a Thought: We Are

We Are we are not monolithic we speak different tongues come from many lands come in many colors   spread over space and time we were here when civilization began with night on our back   and a flame in our hand the first woman to give birth to man some call us... the dawn … Continue reading Just a Thought: We Are