Your Shell

Photo by Su0130NAN u00d6NDER on

Do you like your shell?

I know that it’s full of unused space

Does the opaque color make you feel at ease?

Unable to recognize your ever evolving face

But I know your cold

Tried of swapping shells

Because your in need of a cozy home

You glide and crawl through darkness

Scared to move in the open space alone

But never willing to open up

To anyone other than yourself

So all your self-worth, secrets and wealth

Is stashed in a small crawl space

Your decorative outside

Dazzles the unsuspecting eye

But its a cover all the same

A place to run, a dwelling to duck,

Coverage from the cold rain

A mollusk depraved of uninhibited freedom

As you move slowly through life

With no direction at all

Seeking happiness that always stalls

So I will ask you again…

Do you like your shell?

Love always, Esha ❤


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