Short Thought: Wake Up

Photo by Jill Wellington on Everyday you wake up is a good day. Don't let the little hiccups stop you from enjoying the sunshine. Love always, Esha

Brand New

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Brand New Nourish the temple Scrub, cleanse and maintain Embrace the soft feeling of Shea butter on dry skin That's why I moisturize like I do So I can wake up everyday feeling brand new Love always, Esha ❤


  Photo by Teresa Howes on Awake The trust is eroded I've given up on everythang that I latched on too Bet you didn't notice Never thought I would separate from you   So your binoculars lost focus But just like the ocean I waddled away feeling blue Once I was taken in by … Continue reading Awake


Bed  i've been thinking of you... planning the perfect occasion to come through fall over and into you pull a real casual yet sensual move dropping pens, pencils and markers just to bend down with a slight attitude i'm passive aggressive and you like to play rude i look for a wink, a gesture of … Continue reading Bed


Morning awake at 5... just to see the light overwhelm the shadows of a formerly darken room to bare witness to the mocking bird's song grasshoppers that look like leaves click their hind legs while gossiping about the day that lies ahead snails crouch and slide to their designated safe place to avoid the sun's blistering … Continue reading Morning