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You are valuable

Every hair on your head counted

All your triumphs and failures dearly noted

The black charcoal will soon turn into a diamond

When pressure is applied

And the shine of it will reflect off of dim places

Creating a light where none existed

You are the bright twinkle in the distance

Showing from a far

Signaling the lost and the down trodded

To a place and a person that is willing to hear them

You are standing in the gap for many

A friend to those who never had anyone that cared

You are welcoming

Because your smile is always there

It checks on people and reassures them that everything will be okay

Your eyes relate the truth with simple glances

Giving people hope for second chances

When you speak to others

And show concern for their well-being

Relating respect and kindness from the beginning

No matter the struggle

You find a way to be supportive

Being a blessing to others in their time of need

Because you are valuable

Love always, Esha ❤

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