Photo by Pixabay on You are valuable Every hair on your head counted All your triumphs and failures dearly noted The black charcoal will soon turn into a diamond When pressure is applied And the shine of it will reflect off of dim places Creating a light where none existed You are the bright … Continue reading Valuable



Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Diamonds Sell me a dream worth buying You offer me jewelry drenched in cubic zirconia And attempt to say their diamonds Even if we're just going for a walk in the town The truth is more exciting Material things rust and break But what we have will remain There … Continue reading Diamonds


Imagination bend the walls around your thoughts reach for magic and hold it in your hands break sound barriers with your laugh freeze the laws of physics... with an icy diamond encrusted glance   jump rope with a weeping willow branch hitchhike to infinity on the sails of romance you can do almost anything... if … Continue reading Imagination