Brief Letter To My Ex

Photo by Anete Lusina on

Are you still there?

After all this time…

I believed that you left our dreams by the waste side

I was under the impression

That you had forgotten the outline of my face

Locked in a different time

Dictated by the contradictions of an unknown place

It’s good to see that the impression of my love

Is still on your mind

Still… I’m surprised

That your heart wasn’t capsized

And captured by another

Years later, you see me as a friend and former love

For that reason and so many more,
I wish you well
I want you to have more friends than you can count
And more stories than you can tell

You deserve the moon, stars and the night sky they sit in
Because your kindness is indicative
Of a person that should always win
So despite our separation,
I’m pulling for you

I want to see happy and healthy
While in pursuant of a good life
Never settle for a person that’s not treating you right
Because your wild ex-girlfriend said so!

Love always, Esha ❤


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