Last Try

Last Try

Chasing your dreams

Are never as easy as it seems.

There are rough patches, dry spells and attempts

That exceed your goals.

Moments when morning turns to night

And you frantically search for sleep.

It disappears and hides under rocks we rarely pick up.

Thousands of hours spent working

In the depths of corporate greed. 

Now the strain sits on the bottom

Of baggy restless eyelids.

But the grind encourages our soul.

We grab our futures with both hands

Unprepared to let go.

Afraid of a tomorrow we can not see.

But englightened by a dream that ignites our soul.

We are the misunderstood millennials tugging

At the unraveling thread of a tightly wound ball of yarn.

We are the babyboomers

telling stories of yesterday to a new generation.

The truth tellers standing on soap boxes

hoping to be heard by someone.

We are the postal workers

Delivering your mail run on time.

We are the restaurant worker

That serves you in the drive thru line.

We are waiting on the dawn of a beaming sun.

Full of promise and no compromise.

Dig and you will find hope.

It is a well that never runs dry.

Even when you’ve hit the bottom.

You should always give it one last try.

Love always, Esha ❤

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