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Lip smacking and R&B music wailing

Can be heard across the street 

Jovial voices saturated in’ emboldened jubilee   

Teeth locking onto the tender flesh of barbecued beef

Plaid patterned, picnic tables are side by side


Topped with full pans of decadent soul food

Baked macaroni, roasted chicken, grilled polishes,

Hamburgers, potato salad and greens beans 

Can be seen next to the red kool-aid


The sugar that makes adults stay awake

Also makes children misbehave

Long lost family show up to the gathering 

In the newest fits and the hottest kicks


Every ounce of blemish

Is covered by bronzer  

And foundation made by Maybelline  

There is an open bar full of gin and tonic 

It tastes good but it’s affects are toxic 


After hours of dancing and conversations galore

Drunk people stumble away from the party floor

But as soon as they reach the door

They are questioned by Auntie Tanya about their way home:


Who is driving? Are you sober? 

If not, we finding someone to drive ya’ll there.

We want y’all to be safe because we care. 

Just tell Juju the location 

And he’ll take you there.

Remember we all family here! 


Love Always, Esha ❤

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