Bold Heart

Image by efes from Pixabay The feeling dissipates But I still remember the warmth  I still crave the moment  Looking for the next opportunity  To be gathered up in caring arms  To be told that I will be kept  Safe from harm  To be well thought of  And loved in return  My heart awaits the chance of exchanging the … Continue reading Bold Heart


Photo by Sunyu Kim on Inside There is a land Where you will be safe from the wind An oasis buried deep inside A home within a temple It stands against all odds No generator is needed here No refrigerator is required for nourishment If you look, there is food all around No matter … Continue reading Inside

Muddled Start

Photo by Pixabay on Muddled Start Unleash soothing rain fall on a mending heart Holding on to hope in a muddled start Two polar bears run miles across hills of melting snow Looking for someplace frozen and safe to go   Love always, Esha ❤