Try Again



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Try Again

I struggle with the goal in front of me

And fumble the ball 

Left feeling worthless 

With no self esteem to speak of 

But I stand tall 


When the road gets rigid, rocky and unbearable 

I draw strength and fortitude from my ancestors

Who walked the path before me

I wonder what they would do 

To make it through 

And I try again


No matter how many times 

I come up short

It doesn’t matter 

Call me the Mad Hatter


I knock on the door of impossible

And pour tea from the top of ladders

Bypassing the sinical laughter

And the falling sky’s impending diaster


I gallop with the wild and free

Exceeding extraordinary challenges placed before me

Equipped with a reservoir of power buried within

Weaponized with the determination to win 

Carrying the mane of a lion



Love always, Esha ❤️


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