Think of You


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A Nice Way to Say: I’m Moving On

Think Of You

i leave you

with a withered glimmer of hope

underneath frazzled nerves and inability to cope

with deteriorating love

backed up against astronomical ropes


i reached out to you

with feelings that bleed truth

no longer looking for my self-worth in you

while acknowledging the role i played

in the emotional trauma we went through


no longer crying

over your inhibition to spend time

no longer swinging and singing

in the foggy twinkle of your eyeglass


i allowed my heart to laugh

a hearty loud flash,

a breaking of shackles

ringing from an abrupt past


at the end of my tenth to last breath

resting on a bed of happy self awareness

covered in the glaring light of a mother’s bliss

with every task completed on my bucket list

i will think of you



Love always, Esha ❤


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