Deep Voice

selective focus photo of microphone
Photo by Brett Sayles on

Deep Voice

the smooth undertone

of a transparent sound drew me in

i was memorized

by the highs and lows of her vibrato


she was a song bird

that carried the allure of Hennessy

but sang of bourbon

she breathed in deep, sultry air


but glistening honey flowed from her lips 

she was a bar owner’s daydream

gone up in smoke

and the substance of Billy Holiday’s bitter notes


racing in the marsh of indigo hues

she is a simmering pink elephant

telling a cruel reality

to a spiritually stagnate room


patrons come here to hear the lively blues

a brink house,

dipped in turquoise colored silk

held the attention of a rowdy bunch


they ate kidney stones for breakfast

and serpent tails for lunch

ready and reeling to hear the melody

of her deep voice


Thank you for reading! Much Love, Esha ❤


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