Contents of My Soul


flower bloom during sunrise
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Contents of My Soul

i have a distinctively spicy soul

boisterous yet bashful

touched by the fiery might of

bright green jalapenos


my twine makes the beach sizzle

my mind turns big problems little

i am the product of a red string of fate

tying together my Mother and Father


i am the representation of the moment

with the promise of forever

i am rainwater whooshing

through harsh streets


my persistence makes time go round

but no one notices me

sometimes, i’m full of fear,

a bright side after it’s grounded into tears


with an unshakable optimism

underlying a pent-up objective to overcome

knowing deep down inside… i can’t be the only one

banging on the elusive door of freedom!


i am the strength and wisdom

lingering in my lover’s right calve

he will run 200 miles

for a shot at this ass


i am the future

mother of his baby’s first laugh

i am the legitimacy

stemming from the twinkling of a hard earned past


i am the peanut butter

in the PB&J…

the reason you need a cup

of almond milk right away


my heart is made up

of particles that came together from a cosmic boom

sapphire red mixed into the orange incandescence

of a gently, setting afternoon sun

i am all these things rolled into one


Thank you for reading! Love Always, Esha ❤


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