Sleepy Freestyle Poem: Not Giving Up


OMG… I’m so tired but I wanna talk to y’all poetically right quick.


Not Giving Up

i don’t got much to give

in this late night session

but i’m gonna turn a little into a lot

add water to the juice i brought


shake it up and keep it moving

one foot in front of the other

the right never questioning

what the left is doing


keeping to the pace of the horizon’s music

casting off doubters because their hate is foolish

we live among zombies and the walking ruthless

when your stomach is knocking on rock bottom…


it’s hard to make legitimate excuses

it’s downright useless

get it legally or parlay with streets that leave dragons toothless

but we press on…


knowing the struggle won’t last forever

and a brighter day is coming along

as long as you give your goals fuel

and stay strong!


look out into the ominous crowd

i bet you see a detractor

someone who compared your genius

to the mad hatter

talk about a social disaster


what people called you

in the past, present and future doesn’t matter

they knew you had dreams

so they set fire to your ladder


figured you wouldn’t be able to get to the top

with no stair master

but not giving up

means you look for new answers


Thank you for reading! Love ya, Esha ❤



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