Chicago Tourist

person walking on the road
Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on

Chicago Tourist 

roof top views from sky scrapers
leave unfamiliar eyes speechless
the faces of tourists shine with excitement and wonder
radiant rays bright enough to take you down under

airplanes hoover over head
we stare at them from foggy openings
in the smog covered sky
we watch trains blow smoke as they pass by

we are the heart of the Midwest
we hold conventions to congregate
we produce new hustles to make new streams of revenue
then test our hands at fate

don’t try to sound profound
city folk read tourists like braille
one moment you’re dinning in glorious company
the next your transported to iced out conversations
melted by the Summer’s sizzling hell

nevertheless come to Greektown and feast
on lamb and flat bread with no yeast
it’s a part of the nightlife
if you never dine out in Chicago, you’re not alive


Love always, Esha ❤

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