black metal wire fence near brown concrete building
Photo by Craig Lloyd on


spent my whole life trying to stay out of jail
didn’t waste my time scamming
for a rich man’s retail
seen too many people… end up broke and broken
be hide the sullen bars of bricked cells

but it doesn’t take much…
vague descriptions of a Black suspect
turn daily lineups
and bypassed identity mix-ups
into corrupt, forced confessions
that leave black eyes
on blue cover-ups

if i wasn’t struggling…
i would give my brother the money to make bail
staring up at the unchanging ceiling…
wondering if he’s doing well
caught up in the sinking sand
of America’s webbed destitution

poor people get entangled
and locked up in hellish institutions
where prayer and a good lawyer is your only recourse
the politicians are focused on unjust punishments
not fixing a tilted system in need of solutions


Love Always, Esha ❤


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