Smog’s Breeze

hungarian horntail dragon at universal studios
Photo by Craig Adderley on

Smog’s Breeze

there’s something painfully alluring
about the reflection of a rainbow’s translucent rings
coming off the factory lights
in the industrial part of town – where I live
this is one of a dozen plant sites
built out of rumble and slabs of hood concrete

the chimney puffs charcoal colored smog
as though a sizable dragon
with armor coated scales lies in wait
so we dance around the familiar devil
scared to tempt our fate…
on the hallowed grounds of Chicago’s manufacturing might

across the street, litter covers the sidewalk
like old news on social media
aged men with no legs to walk on
and no stability to think of ask for change

passers by feel ashamed because they have none to spare
overwhelmed by emotion and tormented by frugal despair
only to walk home hungry
and turn on the lights in their humble shack

still… with our dreams caught
between a rock and a hard place
we laugh, we talk and we gyrate
to music stemming from a radio
with antenna signals out of frequency

we only need the heart beat
of our street symphony
we sway on the wings of blissful monarchs
captured by the smoke’s repugnant breeze

till you let out a subtle cough
with an abrupt sneeze
producing a hurricane gush
that pushes everything but pollution away

as people in your neighborhood display
asthmatic symptoms everyday 
you pray for the money to move
and the strength to stay

Love Always, Esha ❤

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