Young Love

beach bench boardwalk bridge
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Young Love

remember when we walked the moonlit pier
besieged by your graceful entrance
enveloped in the contagious essence of your smell
held by large toned muscles tough enough
to make a triceratops take notice…

he was a part of my cotton candy coated teenage dream
riding the twists and turns  on the youthful rails of sweet 17
we feed exuberant ducks along the water’s shore
their feathers look like dandelions clumped to wet backsides

as they serenaded each other
with loud quacks and enthusiasm unmatched
by car speakers blasting a lover’s tracks
outside a closed window that is swiftly tapped…
with a pebble

when you need me
i will be at the lighthouse
beaming for you in the darkness
with a smile brighter than when we first met

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Love Always, Esha ❤️


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