It’s Just Make Believe

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It’s Just Make Believe

i made it up

the appearance of strength

the wispy laugh, the bashful eyes

the know it all persona


just to get along

fake it till you make it,

served up in a veggie roll

i won’t consume

but i expect you to


nonetheless, wont you turn loose with me?

forget about your contempt for me

for just one night

and console all the facades i had to concoct


just to make this turquoise dress fit right…

the mascara that i cried off 4 times today

to arrive here…

and put it on again in the bathroom is a waste

if you don’t see it!


all the anthems about independent women apply to me

until it comes to you…

but i fill my spirit with this lemonade

just in case it gets too hot to handle

and i’m out of shade


caught in a revolving door

of mind numbing brunch, catered lunch

and the occasional masquerade

with little else to do but entertain you

i made it up


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– Much love, Esha


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