Ghost Like

We find ourselves at an impasse as a nation right now. The world is more connected than ever yet many people feel isolated from human contact. Social media follows, posts and DMs are the scope of my existence as social distancing has altered the course of everyday human interaction. To be honest before things went horribly array, I never took the time to appreciate the nuances of interacting with people outside of the cyber world? As a loner I have never felt comfortable in large crowds but now I long for the opportunity to turn over a new leaf when this pandemic breaks. For people like me isolation started long before Covid-19…


art fingers foggy hand
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Ghost Business 


i’m consistently inconsistent

set a date

bet i missed it

but don’t be alarmed

going ghost is part of my charm


you should see me

when i get my halloween on

looking for the ever elusive happiness

i chased after you

like a rejected lover not ready to let go


but the moment you started to care i said, No 

face covered with yellow linen mask without a filter

so everything gets in

stitch it up

fix it up

cover and go

if you’ve ever searched for the perfect fabric -you know


set a date

bet i missed it

but don’t be alarmed

going ghost is part of my charm


where are you now?

reverberates through the air

like tires screeching out grey smoke and black tracks

M.I.A for my shift but low wages don’t talk back

offering dusty pennies and stress…

they can keep that


i am transparent particles floating in auburn breeze

inching by your swollen ankles

brushing near your weathered knees

moving in autumn amongst your lawn’s leaves

you may rake them into a pile

but they never leave



© 2020 by Esha Montgomery


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