Electric Heart

Photo by Martinus on Pexels.com Air moves swiftly through relaxed hair Tension leaves and a smile creates creases In the corners of an open mouth Eyes once hollowed out by the gnawing Grasp of loneliness now shine with hope As though they were eager to start again To love once more To believe in something … Continue reading Electric Heart


Blue Screens

Photo by Jan Prokes on Pexels.com Digital excitement Turned into relationship slumber Don't sleep on me Even when the electric stops following Love, God and work ethic is all you need But 2K beckoned louder Pay attention like it's a 9-5 Though the things that give you pleasure Won't keep you alive But never came … Continue reading Blue Screens

Siren Dream

Photo by Chait Goli on Pexels.com Sirens I hear them... The calls of the sirens The loudness stops moving sound It bleeds through Chicago wallpaper   Like perspiration sliding off A lemonade pitcher in mid July You see the glowing signs   The twinkle of blue and red lights Shinning in obsidian night Catch misty … Continue reading Siren Dream