A Friend

Photo by Micah Boerma on Pexels.com The road is long The battle is arduous But despite the journey that lies ahead of us We all need a real friend Someone that cares Wipes away tears And covers our fears with laughter We all need someone worthwhile to talk too And for me That person is … Continue reading A Friend

Ten Toes Down

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com This poem is dedicated to my Dad. Ten Toes Down I reach for my phone to dial you at home... only to realize you're gone. I tried to forget about you. My heart wanted to move on, but I get lost playing hopscotch on the number of our memories. … Continue reading Ten Toes Down

Star Gazer

Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com Star Glazing When you focus on the wrong things A bad outcome is imminent. When you refine your telescope To that which nurtures the soul, Positive outcomes are infinite.   Don't let one bad day stop the journey. Every star gazer has encountered the depths Of a murky, dark, … Continue reading Star Gazer

Moving On…

Moving on... yesterday is gone, a wasted up memory full of sad, old news while you peacefully slept... the world changed   sparkling moonlight has arrived and renewed it was absorbed by your countenance and reigns over the inner workings of you with a cleansed soul and a free mind   there ain't no jive … Continue reading Moving On…

Lil Mama

I dedicate this poem to my lovely Mother and friend.   Lil Mama my Lil Mama is 4'10 but got enough strength to cave a head in and got enough heart to make a weak spirit bend do yo thang gurl ! little lady in a crazy world   you the chauffeur, chef, accountant and … Continue reading Lil Mama