Standing At The Cusp

Photo by S Migaj on We're just now seeing the ball of glowing fire Rising over the mountain top The red light is bright but nothing like fluorescence It stings the eyes, it lights up the world, It electrifies the soul, it burns out of control The shinning rays touching cold skin gives the … Continue reading Standing At The Cusp


Love Can Be Expensive

Photo by on Love is rich. It's free but it's expensive. It can cost you nothing or cost you everything. Some call it precious because it is valuable to possess. Others see it as pure, unadulterated joy and continual happiness. Those that experience it's exuberance are considered blessed. So the person that gives … Continue reading Love Can Be Expensive

Still Going Strong

Still Going Strong we alternate between love and hate a twist of uncanny fate   brought us here give me your chocolate ear let me whisper purified nothings   as my magnetic field draws you near i thrive off of wine you prefer 2K and beer   Thank you for reading If you enjoyed this … Continue reading Still Going Strong