What you know about that Michigan?

Pic by Isom Jacobs What you know about that Michigan? Take me to the waterAlongside the pierWhere I can see the city lightsNo need to worryNo room to fightJust the feel of ripplesHitting the fingertipsOf my willing handThe glow of the unknownDances off my skinI am hopefulMy heart prays for new dreams againThe darkness goes … Continue reading What you know about that Michigan?


Good Things

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com Good Things Sometimes, it's hard to see the goodness in the world But it's there... The lens may get a little foggy in the midst of rain The beauty hidden by the murkiness of a cloudy day Covered by the dim lamp shade of turbulent news But it's there... … Continue reading Good Things

Notebook Memories

Notebook Memories farewell monsieur, i loved ever second of our meeting the tales i shared with you precious memories that i never told a soul   the notes pinned in your folds the strife that you coerced me through a love that comes and goes but always renews   best friend you held onto  my … Continue reading Notebook Memories