The Mission of Writers

Photo by SamuelFrancisJohnson Writing is a nasty business. One minute you're speaking with your whole heart. Baring the issues of your soul on a white paper that seems endless. The next minute your words dry up like a shallow puddle of water on a hot summer’s day. The words fade to black and the feeling … Continue reading The Mission of Writers


  Alive play your song for us... bring talkative voices to a hushed tone tug heart strings, sway bodies that stand stiff, swing hair, ruffle feathers and send senses into overdrive you are the artistic expression of music that nurtures rhythmic sound keeping the human soul alive so please...  play your song for us   … Continue reading Alive

The Reason I Pursued My Dream

After I graduated from school, I discovered a situation worse that a lack of education... I was overqualified for many jobs. Yet I was under-qualified for the jobs that I desired. I needed 5 years of experience for this job and three years for that and no one was willing to train someone fresh out … Continue reading The Reason I Pursued My Dream