Newsletter: Thoughtful Words

May 2023  Volume 1 Issue 1

By Ayesha Montgomery


Image by noeliebodin from Pixabay

Since coming to Racine, I have discovered a wonderful hidden gem in the artistic community. I am appreciative of all the wonderful people that I was able to meet via the Thoughtful Words Poetry Workshop. Last season, we hosted 5 sessions and had an amazing time! I look forward to seeing you in the forthcoming sessions and I thank you for your participation in the last workshop season.  

Thoughtful Words Next Session!

Thoughtful Words Poetry Workshop is a place where poetry, discussion, writing and literary exploration meet.Our next Thoughtful Words Workshop is on June 7th in Racine Public Library’s Business Center. The next three sessions will be held in the library’s Lee Room. There will be four classes and if weather permits we will journey outside once or twice for new poetic ideas and discussions. This time we will be hosting sessions in June and July. Eventbrite:

Some Words For the Road 



Pick it up off the floor

Dust it off, can it be resurrected?

It’s beauty restored

Does it hold true in fluorescent light?

Is the foundation strong?

Things that hold their value are worth the time

So sand it, polish it, paint it

And find a way for its presence to be utilized

Some stuff you throw away

But vintage pieces can be revitalized

You can only realize what you have

By opening your eyes 

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya


Haiku: Quenched

Get closer than close

Stare into ponds of water

As if quenched by love

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya

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