Next Relationship: Part 2

I am convinced
Totally and utterly certain
That everybody wants to be special to somebody
To look at someone with loving eyes
And to see love staring back at you

To feel the warm
And giving nature
Of an open palm
Pressing into the depths of a hand
Dying to be held

We dedicate books, sonnets, movies,
Portraits, paintings, songs, shows of affection
To the blossoming beauty of a love everlasting
And the very thought of someone caring for you

No matter your age
The thought of it is enough to bring joyful tears to weary eyes
The shared feelings of mutual respect and comradery

And trust is very special indeed

You see… we need each other
To have and to hold
Till breath breathes no more
And tales of gallantry and triumph grow old

We stand united
Connected by a burning eternal fire
That will rage in our heart
When every other light is no where to be found
You are bound to a cause greater
Than loving the material world
When we choose to love each other

Love always, Esha ❤


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