Why I Thought I Wasn’t Enough

Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

This is a very emotional piece. I hope you enjoy it.

I use to believe that I wasn’t pretty enough. That my smile didn’t shine bright enough. That my waist wasn’t small enough. That my butt wasn’t big enough. That my pockets weren’t large enough for my company to be valued.

But my eyes sparkle like diamonds in the moonlight. My thick thighs are fuller than hundred year old tree trunks. My skin is soft like rose petals after fresh dew falls on easy dreams. My kiss is rich like melted chocolate on summer days.

But the surface things don’t add up to much. The look, taste and feel of real fails to address the hidden part of me. I have qualities the world can’t see. My heart is wide as all outdoors. I am loyal to a fault and when I believe in a dream, I never stop. I possess a level of honesty that the world can’t ignore.

Fighting against doors that close in a hopeful face. But still my joy doesn’t fade away. It has penetrated my skin. And my light is here to stay. Like rays glistening on cloudy days.

I will dance when it rains. I will believe in the times when it’s difficult to pray. I will push through no matter what haters say. Because I never give up. Even when the road is hard. Even when the journey is tough. Sometimes I wonder, why I ever thought I wasn’t enough?

Love always, Esha ❤


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