Is Anybody Out There?

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on

Does anybody care about me?

Is there one person that thinks of me with fondness?

As of late, lonely thoughts cross a hopeful mind.

Smiles come and go like elevators in a downtown lobby

Tears fill the lids of joyful eyes

Looking at the rim of a brilliant sunrise with no hand to hold

Reminding peaceful moments that days and nights are slowly passing.

With quiet dreams and little excitement.

No one to call on the phone.

Because the solitude of rest resulted in a still home

Sitting on a park bench

Near ducks that quack so loud

They almost laugh and giggle

The wind blows and howls past my empty ear

I ease into my spot on the bench

And wonder who else might of sat here

Lovers, friends, family, enemies and everything in-between

But deep down I wonder

If anyone out there cares for me?

Love always, Esha ❤

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