Smart Mouth

Last night, my relative told me I have a smart mouth. This one is for you.

Smart Mouth

Do not speak out of turn

It’s better if you don’t speak

A orator should be poised

A dove should be meek

Sailing on blue skies

That light hearts seek

You are the epitome of grace

Love is in your countenance

Marked by the beauty of aloofness on a glowing face

You should be what society expects

Don’t leave em guessing

Never wondering whats next

Silence is best

Because a smart mouth won’t do

If you speak too crass

You will have nothing to hold on to

Yet and still in a place full of quiet figures

You let everyone know where you stand

Talking without motive

And expressing your truth without a plan

You were born in a disingenuous territory

Swimming in the depths of a foreign land

Hoping for wisdom given by God almighty

But sometimes failing to understand

You are outspoken

Unafraid to give words to the abundance

That lies in the heart of man

Yes indeed, you use your sword well

Leaving much to be desired

Love always, Esha ❤


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