Unpopular Opinion: Will Vs. Chris

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

The problem is bigger than Hollywood. This country condones violence. It was founded on violence. This is the same country that supported the Jerry Springer Show for over 20 seasons. It turns people into objects and objectifies the voiceless. People chase success and fame like a tree eager for sun rays. What kind of society supports the belittling of actors to get awarded for Oscars they earned? We build people up to tare them down never seeing the invisible strings pulling the puppets…

What kind of society ignores the abuse of it’s citizens for public consumption? The poor and disenfranchised are ignored by those who achieve accolades. The wealthy pursue the golden fleece at the cost of their soul. But they give us antics like this to focus on and we eat it up like government cheese. Don’t be a cog in the wheel, forever turning to another’s tune.

So who is at fault Will or Rock? These are rich men. For me it doesn’t matter, I have seen gentle souls get stumped in the concrete jungle for less… I know people who have gotten their faces sliced open by razor blades. During the end of the month, I have seen cops harass common folks just for driving down the street forced to meet quotas the department is fixated on.

I just hope western society gets it’s priorities together. Because time is short, the cost of rent, gas and food is rising but the day of reckoning is long. At some point, people will look at their lives and wonder where the time went. So don’t waste it keeping up with the celebrity news of the day. It’s all a distraction anyway. This is nothing compared to the problems this pandemic has incited. Stay focused on the things that matter.

Love always, Esha ❤

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