Sweltering Heat

Pic by Pixabay

Spicy words taste like Tabasco dreams 

Speak jalapeno to me 

Like cayenne peppers blowing back sweltering heat

Speak sriracha to me

Like hot sauce mixed with red chili’s and vinegar

Desiring a feeling of numb lips

Brought on by scorching truth

You can never be hotter than the searing sun

It shines for the world but bows to the Son

Yet I look toward the zesty flavor

Which burns with the fiery and passion of words spoken

With a hint of sizzling mustard sauce

It can not be cooled down by milk

It’s fire is tangy

Ignited by the truth of the Holy Ghost

Clearing the pathway to closed doors

Giving light to dark spaces

Changing the temperature and atmosphere

That’s why I like heat

Speak sriracha to me

Love always, Esha ❤

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