Girl Child

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko on

Girl child, 

Don’t you talk too loud 

Men don’t like a woman yelling 

And carrying on 

Only lite words that reek of diet soda

Can come from your lips 

And eat a little less 

Watch your hips

You don’t wanna gain too much weight 

Don’t ask questions only do as your told 

Deny your spirit 

Smother the needs of your soul 

Act like a lady 

Your words shouldn’t be too bold 

Unless you wanna live alone 

Girl child, 

Hold your waist in 

Keep your back straight 

You don’t wanna slouch on dates 

A lady has to maintain 

Even if your hairstyle is so tight 

It squeezes your brain 

You must not scratch 

Hit it with some grease 

and throw a bonnet on it 

No matter what it feels like 

You gotta flaunt it 

Girl Child

Get in that hot kitchen 

So you can know how to cook 

Be able to make collard greens, cornbread and ham 

Without referring to a southern cuisine book  

You are beautiful to be sure 

But put some concealer on 

No one will talk to you 

If your features are too strong 

In other words, dampen your light 

So that the less enlightened can shine 

Society don’t like a woman that’s growing all the time 

Settle for low job titles and substandard pay 

That’s what the status quo molds us to say 

It refutes our right to think 

Pressuring us to obey 

And that reality is far from okay 

Why not live a life with purpose? 

We’re not defined by the notions of yesterday 

Hold your head up high 

If you choose to be alone that’s fine 

Girl child, 

Talk a little louder 

So the people in the back can hear you 

It’s your time to be acknowledged 

Your voice will sail with the breeze 

It will get high like birds 

Flying north after winter…

Love always, Esha ❤


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