Are You Awake Tonight?

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I hope your up with me tonight. Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Excited for the next adventure. Awaiting the thrill of the next tale. Are you alone as well? Because I hate the feeling of writing to no one at all. So let’s pretend that your out there reading. Let’s pretend I have something worth saying….

Run Baby

Run for the freedom you never had

Run from the people that treated you bad.

They never deserved you anyway

Run till there’s nothing left behind you

But broken wind

Tare through the sound barrier

Rip off your old clothes

Dry your roots, leave no grey

You can’t erase the past

You can’t make the good times stay

But as for everything else

Its a lesson that never goes away

So run baby run

Always and forever, Esha ❤


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