Enough Mourning

This poem is for all the people who have lost someone they loved. Keep the faith!

It never goes away. The feeling of missing you. The thought of… could I have done more. The shape of your face blends into the background of shaky memories. I can’t go back in time to hold your hand. But it gets easier. All I can do is pray for the strength to move forward. And for the ability to understand that your death is a part of God’s plan. You touched so many lives in such a short time. I am thankful for the years we spent together. For the long fishing trips, car rides and boy talks that were priceless. You were a Father most girls can only dream of. Because of you I was cared for. Because of you I was loved. And when all is said and done, just remembering you is enough.

Best, Esha ❤


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