Astroworld Thoughts: Accountable

At first, I thought it was better that I remain silent but now I realize that silence is the problem.


Your silence is deafening to ears dying to hear the truth

An apology eases the pain but doesn’t take away the loss

Say more than fabricated feelings of remorse

Find your resolve to make better choices in favor of yielding positive results

The fans who clamored at your feet cried for your help

And you turned a blind eye to it all

People fell victim to the stampede you promoted

Was it worth it?

You sold your soul for fantasies of rage sugar coated

But it’s the young that suffer

No one knowingly pays for pain

But a warped mind indulged by fame

Acts as an idol onto himself

You took pause but ignored the calls of innocent people

Who came to see you when they needed help

Instead of being a beacon of hope

You provided people with a night of hell

There are strings attached to your arms and soles

You are a puppet under the industry’s control

But even the puppet plays a role

For all the hurt you caused…

You’re accountable

Love always, Esha ❤

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