The Stairs

Photo by Alexandr Nikulin on

The Stairs

The luminous glow of breaking sunshine

is dimmed in the hallway

Leading up to my salvation

The shadows of past footsteps…

Lay in the steep darkness of flashing bulbs

Dwindling to a close offset by a backdrop

Of chestnut wooden planks leading down

Urge me to keep inching forward

Sweat drips from a brow unmaintained

By a damping cloth

It flows like hot maple syrup

Between my supple breast

I look down at the power

Which carries me upward and onward

The legs which grew apart

Were brought together

By a trek intent on pushing togetherness

The steps seems to last forever….

I grip the side-rails for support

But my hand slides every so slightly

And I slip out of balance with my stride

But I keep walking toward the light anyway

Love always, Esha ❤

P.S. This poem is featured in my new book Bright Side of the Pale Moon which is now available on Amazon.


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