Story time: Rhythm Of Life

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on


Rhythm Of Life

When I was but a child

Every year, before the first frost

Turned moving vitality into hibernating stillness

I would watch all the ducks fly away


I can still recall asking my Mother,

Where are the birds going?

She smiled into my eyes and said,

Their going south for the winter


I couldn’t help but wonder how the birds knew

About the season changing with no weatherman

But every year just like clockwork they left

Until… One fall, I noticed the ducks weren’t flying away

For warmer climate anymore


Confusion set in and I went to my Mother

And said, Why haven’t the birds flown away?

With a stern look in her eye,

She replied, The land owners clipped their wings…

They are now unable to fly


Within less than 3 years,

I watched their population dwindle and die

The perpetrators that diminished their chances of survival

Failed to care about the rhythm of life



Love always, Esha ❤


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