Shallow Mistakes


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Shallow Mistakes

Who am I to judge, what I don’t understand?

I see you doing wrong

But fail to realize where the complications all began

God has your role established in a larger plan


While I am consumed by an ever-growing ignorance

Assuming I know your past and present

But never cared to give you a chance

As time goes on and you share with me

I realize that my knowledge of you and myself is incomplete


How can I touch your heart?

When I failed to meet you where you are…

To put it plain and simple… I can’t

For years you were abandoned


And needed someone in your corner

But was consistently treated like a hooligan

I know that sorry won’t cut it…. but I am

With newfound hope, I pray we can start again


You can spend your whole life knowing someone…

But never understand what their going through

But when all is said and done

I want you to know that despite my imperfections… I love you


Thank you for reading!

Sincerely, Esha ❤


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